Thursday, October 25, 2012

Online Examination System - Class Diagram

UML Class Diagram for Online Examination System is shown below. The various classes involved in the system are: -

Classes:- Examiner, Student, Test, Test Paper, Admin, Response, Results

The Class Diagram for Online Examination System is shown below:-

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  1. hi

    i was wondering if you could help me as i need to do a use case but im not sure if i am doing it right.. if i give u the scenario please can u help me????

    1. Hi Tina,
      You can send me your usecase diagram and the scenario. I'll see if i can be helpful on the same.

  2. THE SCENARIO IS The new ticket System
    (TS) will enable customers to purchase the tickets online, but they will still
    be able to purchase the tickets by phone. In both cases, only credit or debit
    card payments will be accepted. Customers can join the Theatre Club and
    as members (who pay an annual membership fee) will benefit from
    discounted ticket prices. The ticket prices vary according to the part of
    theatre where the seat is, and the performance schedule (day of the
    week/time of the day). Customers can return their tickets and get an
    appropriate refund.

    i need to make a use case for this Ticket booking system. i have done the work on paper

  3. hi im running low on time.. when will u reply?

    1. Hi Tina,
      I think you are talking about Online Movie Ticket Booking System. If you do it via mobile then also it is actually Online booking only.
      Earlier i have posted the use case diagram for Online Movie Ticket Booking System, I think it must be helpful to you. Please refer this link:-

      You need to modify it little bit according to your needs. But if still you have any problem then tell me i will try to help you out. If you wish you can add up as a member of the blog to get new updates on UML Diagrams.

  4. hi the scenario is a little different to the online movie booking but i have used that to complete my use case diagram..

    using the scenario i have given u i need to make a sequence diagram.. i was thinking of doing it on the when the customer purchases the ticket...

    please can help me with that in any way thats the main i am stuck on. i dont have much time to complete the tasks.