Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Library Management System - UseCase Diagram

UML Use Case diagram for Library Management System is shown below. The various participants of the same are detailed below:-

Actors:- Member, Librarian

The corresponding use cases for these actors are:-
  • Member: Inquiry For Membership, Search Book, Book Issue, Book Return, Pay Fine

  • Librarian: Search Book, Issue Membership Card, Cancel Membership, Issue Book, Return Book, Charge Fine In Case of Late Return, Maintain the Book Records, Add Books, Remove Books, Add Members, Remove Members, Update Member Details
 Here we have some dependencies also like Request For Book Return <<extends>> Pay Fine. Also Maintain Book Records <<includes>> Add Book, Remove Book and Update Book. Again Return Book <<extends>> Charge Fine in case of late return.

The Use Case UML diagram for Library Management System is shown below:-

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