Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Online Shopping System- Usecase Diagram

UML Use Case diagram for Online Shopping System is shown below. The various participants of the same are detailed below:-

Actors:- Registered Customer, Guest, Administrator, Paypal

The corresponding use cases for these actors are:-
  • Registered Customer: Login, Add Item To The Cart, Delete Item From The Cart, View Items, Make Payment
  • Guest: View Items, Get Registered, Guest Page
  • Administrator: Maintain Stocks, Get Payments, Add Items, Delete Items, Modify Items, Ship Sold Items, Make Delivery
  • Paypal: Do_Authentication, Make Finalized Payment, Tax
Here we have some dependencies also like Add Items To The Cart <<include>> Make Payment, Maintain Stocks <<include>> Add Items, Delete Items and Modify Items. Also,Get Payments <<include>> Make Delivery, Ship Sold Items and Do_Authentication <<include>> Make Finalized Payment, Tax .

Also Add Item To The Cart <<extends>> Delete Items From The Cart.

The Use Case UML diagram for Online Shopping System is shown below:-

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