Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inventory Management System - Use Case Diagram

UML Use Case diagram for Inventory Management System is shown below. The various participants of the same are detailed below:-

Actors:- Owner, Manager, Supplier

The corresponding use cases for these actors are:-
  • Owner: Buy Stock, Sell Stock, Give Payment To Supplier, Report Quality Issues To Supplier, Return The Stock

  • Manager: Maintain Ledger, Do Quality Check Of Sample, Update Status To Owner

  • Supplier: Supply The Stock, Receive Payment From Owner
 Here we have some dependencies also like Buy Stock <<includes>> Give Payment To Supplier and simultaneously it <<extend>> Report Quality Issues To Supplier. Once Stock is purchased payment has to be made and if their are any quality issues then, owner will definitely report it to the supplier. Quality Issues further <<include>> Return The Stock.

The Use Case UML diagram for Inventory Management System is shown below:-

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