Thursday, October 18, 2012

Library Management System - Class Diagram

UML Class diagram for Library Management System is shown below. The various Classes involved in the system are:

Class: Books, Librarian, User, Publisher, Reference Book, General Book, Book Bank, Student, Faculty.

Here, in this system there could be two types of users: Student and Faculty. Both use to share many of the properties and methods. So, we defined a new class that is user and from it both student and faculty class inherits properties and methods. Hence, User is basically an abstract class whose object directly can't be created.

Similarly, Reference Book, General Book and Book Bank all three classes share many of its attributes so, we generalized all the three classes with super class Books and from it all the other three classes inherits methods and properties. Unlike User class, Books class is not an abstract class. We can create as well as instantiate its objects directly.

The Class diagram for Library Management System is shown below:-

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  1. its so0 useful

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    1. Hi Izzat, I put a comment below that could be useful for you. ^^

  2. Hi Amit, nice post! I think your class diagram is really interesting! I designed a copy of it with an online UML modeler called GenMyModel. It's directly inspired from yours. It may help your readers to get a usable/clonable version (to be adapted or to bootstrap their development project). GenMyModel helps you design UML-compliant models and generates code, from a web-browser!
    The UML model is public so that everyone can read and clone it:
    - the web page:
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